Few things spice up an event better than gorgeous ladies, especially when you’re in one of the most exciting cities in the world: Las Vegas. From private parties and corporate events to product launches and public gatherings, Blink Model Management simply has the city’s most beautiful models who can grace an event with their presence and make it one for the books!

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Private Party Models


Set the right vibes for your private party with charming, lovely ladies who know how to have fun! Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for a pal or an intimate celebration for a job well done, we can recruit the most sought-after models in Las Vegas to entertain guests, get some good conversation going, and amp up the ambiance at your event. Everyone knows that private parties are much more fun and worthwhile when a handful of hot girls are roaming around, and with Blink’s much-loved models at the venue, expect guests to toss more drinks, talk a little more, and stay much longer than usual.

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Trade Show Model

Attending trade shows is part of growing a business, but how can you stand out from the many other booths haggling for attention to promote their products or services? Get some trade show models to boost your brand! Gorgeous ladies are head-turners, that’s a fact, and when you have one or two standing by or manning your trade show booth, your brand is sure to get more attention than you expect. Many Las Vegas companies seek trade show models to make a great first impression and attract potential clients—why miss out on this trend? Let Blink send some friendly and captivating trade show models your way and see how that can bring the spotlight to your business.

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Brand Ambassador Model

Recent trends show celebrities and influencers getting tapped to increase brand exposure and awareness, which isn’t a surprise considering how these social figures have a huge following. Blink’s brand ambassador models can do the same too! If you need a face for your new product or a customer-facing personality for your startup, our roster of gorgeous, charming ladies can do the job and more. With a beautiful woman promoting your brand and boosting social engagement, you make it easy for the public to remember what you’re offering, which in turn increases your chances of getting more leads.

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Promotional Models

Do you want to capture more attention for your brand and push your business farther to the front line? Blink’s promotional models can help you do that! Many business owners and organization leaders are now drawn to the idea of enlisting gorgeous ladies to make their name stand out in Las Vegas, so why not join the fun? Our promotional models are charming and great conversationalists, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they can bring in potential customers and engage them in learning more about your brand and the value that your business brings. If you want people to stay hooked until the end of a sales pitch or a random conversation about an up-and-coming brand, then let our stunning promotional models do the talking.

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Glamour Model

Glamour models may be a relatively new term but it’s all the rage in glitzy cities like Las Vegas. Simply put, glamour models are there to be sexy, alluring, and delightful to the eyes, so they’re mostly what you need when you want to promote a business that is sexual or sensual in nature. From lingerie modeling and doing pin-ups to photo shoots for men’s magazines, glamour models have what it takes for truly jaw-dropping content. These beautiful, sexy ladies showcase their work through erotic poses that never fail to capture attention and interest, and guess what? Blink has some of the best glamour models in Sin City.

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Convention Model

If you’re thinking that conventions mean boring stuff, think again. Gone are the days when conventions are limited to stiff, all-talk events akin to college classes; today, conventions are interactive events where business owners can interact with their target markets and nothing makes conventions more interesting than friendly beautiful ladies. If your goal is to grab attention and engage potential clients, then get some of Blink’s convention models to represent your booth. Our ladies understand what it takes to capture interest and steer people in the right direction, so you can count on them to turn up their charm and captivate convention-goers into conversations that will make your brand the talk of the town.