Trade Show Models Las Vegas

Las Vegas auto shows are mesmerizing visual feasts, and people can’t help but attend these events to get a good look at some of the world’s sweetest rides—and the city’s most beautiful ladies. No car show is ever complete without trade show models, and if your business is participating in one, below are five great reasons why hiring some models for the auto show is a good idea.

5 Reasons to Hire Trade Show Models for a Car Show

Get an edge over competitors

Businesses participating in a car show are all trying to get the attention of attendees, so you need something that will make you stand out and make them want to check out your business. Now, flashy cars are quite the head-turners, but flashy cars WITH with gorgeous women? Oh, that’s on a whole new level! Everyone knows that beautiful things simply capture attention, and if your business has both a beautiful car and a beautiful model, standing out from all the other exhibitors is a piece of cake. 

Attract and engage potential clients

Once you’ve managed to edge out your competitors and attract some people to drop by your area, you need someone to greet them and talk to them to turn them into leads. This is where trade show models can further your business goals.

Car show hostesses aren’t just pretty faces; they’re also well-trained to engage with people and they can talk shop with anyone, be it the CEO of a car company or a businessman looking to splash the cash on a new ride. With trade show models looking hot and talking smart for your business, auto show attendees will likely flock to your area—and stay for a good long while.

Promote new car models or auto parts

Auto shows are the perfect venues for car companies to introduce new car models and other automotive products, such as tires. Hence, you’ll need someone to promote your fresh inventory and at the same time, educate your target demographic about these new offerings. 

Car show models are skilled in quickly learning automotive specifics. They can smartly discuss product features, answer questions, and demonstrate how things work. You may argue that regular company staff can do these, but auto show attendees would appreciate it more if they get to talk to that beautiful lady that brought them to your booth instead of random personnel.

Get extra help

Aside from getting attention for your business, trade show models can also double as event staff. They can take care of signing up booth visitors, getting their info, distributing promo items, and other simple tasks while you handle the more important ones. Auto shows can be exhausting events, and it wouldn’t hurt to get an extra pair of hands.

Save on staffing cost

If your business isn’t based in Las Vegas and you’re only in the city for the car show, bringing your own staff can be costly. Think about the accommodation and transportation costs—transportation alone can be expensive especially if you’re flying in.

Now, if you’re hiring car show models, you don’t have to worry about all that. Trade show models are a one-event staffing solution that can help you avoid extra expenses. Simply contact your chosen modeling agency, tell them when and where the event is, and they’ll take care of sending the models who can be your staff at the car show.
You can count on Blink’s roster of professional trade show models to spice up your next sales event. Be it a car show, convention, or expo, our ladies could be just what your business needs to generate more leads and capture your target market.

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